Originals (all songs are mp3 format)  
the horror dark and intense. this is quite a bit faster than i usually go at 170 bpm. 6:15
  good morning   more breaks! the vocals are sampled from Transformers: The Movie, the Ninja Turtles movie, and Star Trek 7. 6:42
para bellum breakbeat. kinda ambient at times. i took a sample from eisenhower's d-day speech. 4:16
  adrenaline   hardcore breakbeats with a lovely distorted guitar. may be updated in the future. 4:01
backslider breakbeat. lots of bass and LOUD beats. 4:18
  damn im cool   big-huge-gigantic beat. im just too cool. 4:17
    love song big beats and screaming synths 5:32
  lucky duck breakbeat. sample of Bruce Lee in the beginning. 70s action flick sound maybe? 4:51
  Remixes (all songs are mp3 format)  
the end   a remix One-Winged Angel from the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack. check it out on ocremix. 4:31
  Eko Centrik - Alchemy (tefnek remix)   a remix of the song Alchemy by Eko Centrik. it won first place at the 2009 SectionZ Summer Electronic Music Games. 5:28
The Crystal Method - Double Down Under (tefnek remix)   a remix of Double Down Under by The Crystal Method. It won first place in Digidesign's Remixing Pro Tools contest! 4:04
motor crazycycle   a remix of the song Crazy Motorcycle from Final Fantasy VII for the project Voices of the Lifestream. 4:55
Black Wing Metamorphosis   a large collaborative remix of the song "One-Winged Angel" from Final Fantasy VII for the Voices of the Lifestream project. remixers include Fishy, Sixto Sounds, Steffan Andrews, Suzumebachi, bLiNd, pixietricks, and tefnek. 3:19
above reason   another collaboration with zircon and some help from rellik. this is a remix of the song "under logic" from the game Streets of Rage 2. it's also on ocremix. 3:01
depeche mode - i feel loved (tefnek remix)   a remix of the song "I Feel Loved" by Depeche Mode from the album "Exciter". breakbeat, of course! 4:18
depeche mode - i feel loved (tefnek remix) extended mix   an extended version of my "I Feel Loved" remix (128 bpm) 7:16
snow field a remix of the "snow field" song from Contra for the NES. can also be found on 4:26
waste water wipeout   a collaboration between zircon and i. we remixed the song "sewerage" from the game TMNT 4: Turtles in Time. you can also get it at ocremix. 4:41
airborne breakbeat remix of the level 7 song from the arcade game Raiden II. ocremix link. 4:26
  drop and roll   big beat remix of the stage 1 theme from Streets of Rage. ocremix link . 4:58
  Other stuff    
  flower on the moon piano and strings. i think it's beautiful, and it's only here because someone requested it! 3:42
2004 sectionz SEMG breakbeat bodybuilding contest entry   made for the breakbeat bodybuilding contest at won 2nd place. contains 4 parts of breakbeaty goodness. 6:00
  2004 sectionz SEMG 5k contest entry i made this for the summer electronic music games 5k contest hosted by the challenge was to make a song out of nine 5k samples. it won 2nd place. 3:12
  2004 sectionz SEMG 5k contest entry (project file)   here is the FL Studio project file for my entry. it shows some pretty neat tricks you can do in FL as well as alot of automation. 3:12


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