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september 28th, 2009
head on over to OverClocked Remix to listen to my remix of the song One-Winged Angel from the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, or download it here.

september 18th, 2009
i just finished a remix of "I Gotta Feeling" by The Black Eyed Peas for a contest at at listen to my remix and be sure to vote!

check out my remix of Alchemy by Eko Centrik. it won first place in the 2009 SectionZ Electronic Music Games.

may 2nd, 2009
a bit of a late update, my remix of Double Down Under by The Crystal Method from their upcoming album, Divided By Night, won first place in the Remixing Pro Tools contest! you can download my remix here.

august 24th, 2008
i've finally uploaded a new song! download the horror. this track is quite a bit darker and with a faster tempo than i normally do. similar to my last remix, actually.

check out my remix (on the fourth page) of one of the songs on The Crystal Methods upcoming album for the Remixing Pro Tools competition. don't forget to vote!


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